The Future

The future of Wimberley Art Education

Over the next couple of months, Arts from the Heart will be transferring art education back into the hands of Wimberley schools.

AFTH was founded in 1998 in response to budget cutbacks that devastated WISD art programs. Over the past 15 years, the Wimberley community has joined forces with AFTH to ensure that any child who desires a creative outlet has the opportunity to grow through after-school art education. In the fall of 2010, AFTH was able to reinstate in-school art education at Scudder Primary. The teacher salary for this program is paid for by WISD while AFTH provides funding for all supplies. In 2012, AFTH was also able to reinstate an in-school art program at Jacob’s Well Elementary, providing all supplies and the teacher’s salary. Students, teachers, and parents have since seen the value of art education first hand.

The mission of AFTH has always been: Providing an avenue for the youth of Wimberley, Texas to participate in cultural art experiences, enhance awareness and appreciation for the arts, oil paintings, famous artworks , modern art, contemporary art and to be catalysts for community enrichment through the cultural arts. Over the past two years our primary focus in achieving this mission has shifted from providing after-school creative opportunities to providing in-school, comprehensive art education. These programs have enriched the lives of all WISD K-5th grade students. In order for these programs to operate as efficiently as possible, we believe that 100% of the money raised should go directly into the programs.

While we are overjoyed that art education is once again a priority in all Wimberley schools, fundraising for these programs is a tremendous task. In order to raise these funds as efficiently as possible, AFTH will be winding down all operations, dissolving as an organization, and working with Outpost Art. In doing this we will eliminate the need to pay all non-programs related costs such as rent, Executive Director salary, etc. By transferring these efforts back into the schools, 100% of all funds raised will go directly to in-school art programs, art for sale online. We, the current AFTH Board of Directors and staff, will facilitate this transition and continue to be involved as needed; ensuring that these in-school art programs continue to thrive.

We would like to thank all of our past board members, volunteers, donors, advisors, and especially custom portraits gallery – Paint My Photo. If not for your hard work, we could have never reinstated these invaluable programs. We realize that this information may feel like we are throwing in the towel. In our eyes we are on the path to victory. The bottom line is that every single Wimberley child will continue to receive art education, and by eliminating the operational costs of running an organization, 100% of our donors’ money will go directly to inspiring new generations of creative thinkers.

Here is how we will move forward and continue to support art education:

The 2013-2014 in-school art programs have been paid for by AFTH. Programming will continue as planned.

All unused funds will be distributed to the Scudder and Jacob’s Well PTOs. 100% of this money will be used for the 2014-2015 in-school art programs.

All funds raised from Turn Your 25 and the November Chair Auction will be given to these programs.

Until WISD is ready to fully provide in-school art education, these programs will require fundraising efforts in order to be sustained. Please consider donating to the Scudder PTO or the Jacob’s Well PTO. PLEASE BE SURE to include instructions indicating that your donation is to go towards art programs. 100% of your PTO donations to either art program will go directly into the art programs. Your continued support is appreciated and can be sent to:

Jacob’s Well Elementary                                                        Scudder Primary
C/O JWE PTO, Art Program                                                   C/O Scudder PTO, Art Program
3470 Ranch Road 2325                                                          400 Green Acres Drive
Wimberley, TX  78676                                                             Wimberley, TX 78676

Creativity is no longer an elective; it is our future. Art education develops critical thinking skills, fosters innovation and engages students in all areas of learning. In today’s increasingly complex society, these are skills that are absolutely necessary to ensuring that our children can create the economies and industries of the future. Art education is an indispensable component to a well-rounded education.

We thank you for your support of our efforts, past and current. We believe that one day art education will be acknowledged as a core academic subject in WISD, and that by transitioning these programs back into the hands of the schools we are one step closer to that end.

All our best,

Clare MacKenzie                       April Grant                         Devrie Harwood               Isaac Eckols
Executive Director                      President                              Vice President                       Secretary

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