Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis
AFTH After-School Art Teacher

2013 Artist in Residence, Arbitrary Hill
2012-2013 Fiber Arts Teaching Assistant, Texas State University
2011-2013 Teacher, Stepping Stone School


I chose to be an Arts From the Heart educator because I love teaching, but most of all I love seeing children get excited about being able to learn and take something home with them at the end of the day.

I think the most valuable aspect about art education is that you can create projects for kids that incorporate other areas of study including math, science, literature, and history.  This enables them to see these areas of study in another light while having a creative outlet.

Artist Statement from current body of work, Built From Thread, at Arbitray Hill Residency Program

Showing Oct. 11-20th at Old Oaks Ranch Fiber Arts Studio

My artwork is based on my concept of memory and identity.  I believe that memories are subjective experiences that shape people into who they are and who they will become.  I enjoy using fabric as a metaphor for this concept because the material is woven together from a single thread, and it changes over time, much like our impressions do.

I explore the subject as combination of archeology and creative writing.  Hand embroidered thread is my writing tool to express these stories in each of my pieces.  Some narratives are fictitious, some are biographical, and others are a combination of both.  Everything is made in order to closely observe and relate to the fragility, intimacy, and trauma of a person’s life.