Sarah McSweeney

Sarah McSweeney
AFTH Guitar Teacher
Member of Amanda Mora Trio
Singer and Songwriter, Sarah Marie Music
Music Teacher, Wimberley Montessori
Bachelor of Music & Music Education, Simpson College


I was thrilled when Arts From The Heart asked me to teach guitar classes for their after school program. I love and admire these women who have dedicated their time and efforts, to make music and the arts an essential part of children’s everyday lives. They have collectively put a lot of thoughtfulness and heart into this worthwhile cause for the fantastic benefit of the kids in the Wimberley community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Practicing wasn’t something I always wanted to do. There were a lot of tears and arguments about my friends getting to play outside while I had to sit at the piano and practice. But my mom didn’t give in. She was old school, and practicing came first, no exceptions! At the time I didn’t believe it when she said that I would thank her one day. But alas, mom was right. All those years of practicing, and putting in my time every day at the piano paid off. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and today I thank her for it.