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What Paintings Are Good For Feng Shui?

Using feng shui wall art in your home can be a great way to enhance your Feng Shui, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Although feng shui is based on the principles of nature, you can make certain that the paintings you choose are good for your home. For example, you should avoid hanging paintings of violent scenes or people in a bedroom. You may also want to avoid hanging family photos in your bedroom.

A painting of water is beneficial in a living room. Water cools fire and suppresses passions. Water is a powerful element that suppresses fire in a cycle of creation and destruction. You can buy larger pieces of art for your living room. Watercolors, on the other hand, have a less vivid and more subdued energy. But if you want to add an art piece to your living room, you can choose bolder colors and larger pieces.


In feng shui, putting a flower in a certain area attracts good energy, but not all flowers are created equally. Keeping flowers in the wrong location or with the wrong type can attract bad karma. There are certain rules for keeping fresh cut flowers, such as not keeping them indoors if they are already fading. If you are not sure if flowers can bring good karma in a room, consider purchasing fresh flowers and placing them in the correct location.

When deciding where to place flowers, try to avoid damaged and brown flowers. Damaged flowers can attract negative energy. You should also avoid dead flowers, as they represent stagnant energy. Bonsai plants, on the other hand, represent stunted growth. You may want to opt for artificial flowers in feng shui. A flower with thorns can snag the energy and impede the harmonious flow of the space.


According to feng shui tips, fruit paintings attract wealth, fame, and good health. However, if you choose an inappropriate fruit painting, it will confuse the chi in your room, and may even bring you unwanted results. Therefore, avoid buying an abnormal fruit painting or one with a dark color. Hang fruit paintings in your dining room or kitchen. Make sure to hang the painting correctly to bring you good luck.

The pomegranate is another fruit that attracts good luck and happiness. In Feng Shui, the pomegranate represents fertility and happy family life. Therefore, placing pomegranate art in your home or office will bring you good fortune and healthy children. Apples, on the other hand, represent wealth and good health. They are also considered to be luxurious in the past, as certain varieties were only grown in Japan and Korea. However, certain varieties of apples were imported from China. Watermelon is another fruit that has positive feng shui benefits. Its round shape is associated with prosperity, and its seeds represent good luck.